Thursday, March 20, 2014

Groove Is In The Heart

I love music.  In the car. At home.  At work.  I am always listening to something.  And my taste in music is quite unpredictable.   I love all types, from rap, to hip hop, to some good old country music. I am also known in my family for being the one who finds a new song and plays it on repeat until it is literally no longer enjoyable.   So usually when I am working out, I tend to just put my phone on shuffle and listen to whatever comes on.  I also like to listen to the chart toppers on iTunes radio and even enjoy a few mixes on Pandora every once in a while.   If I am going outside for a walk or doing any other type of exercise, I am not too picky on what I listen to.   But... when I run, everything changes.

Running is new for me.  And it is something that I am learning to enjoy.  But it is by no means easy for me.  Some days I don't think I am going to make it through my program.  I do of course.  But I have to constantly remind myself to push through it.  I have gone through a few different play lists in my journey to become a runner.  And really only one works for me.  It is a little odd I suppose.  Especially since it is entirely by one artist.  And some would probably even have not so nice, off the wall things to say about this artist.  But when I need an upbeat, keep pushing harder, get through this workout type song, Britney Spears always seems to be the one that does it for me.   And especially during this Genghis Grill Health Kwest Challenge, I need  to push more that ever.

With that said, I give you my interesting mix of Britney Spears music that keeps me going day after day.  Turn on the treadmill, fire up Spotify, hit the shuffle button on my running playlist, and I am on my way.

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  1. You did not just admit you listen to Britney..... Great job my friend.